Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New version of Oracle Crystal Ball (Release is out

Here is the official text:

Last week, Oracle released it's latest version of Crystal Ball which highlights Office 2010 functionality as well as many improvements throughout the user interface. Watch our What's New webcast to learn more.

This webcast will give the viewer a tour of the new features and capabilities in Oracle Crystal Ball, as of release Over the last two and a half years, Oracle has invested substantial development resources into Crystal Ball, adding to, and improving all aspects of the solution. The core capabilities of predictive modeling, risk modeling and decision modeling have been strengthened and expanded. We've solidified our traditional spreadsheet-based foundation with support for the latest Excel and Microsoft release. Additionally, by leveraging Oracle product development resources and know-how, we've added new unique integration features that take Crystal Ball well beyond the spreadsheet.

Be sure to watch the webcast mentioned in the announcement here, as it has an overview of all the new things in Oracle Crystal Ball for the last few releases. For this release, we have invested substantial amount of time improving the time-series forecasting capability in CB Predictor. The shiny things there are as follows:
These two features alongwith other improvements in the time-series forecasting area makes us a formidable competitor in the forecasting software space. There are a few other important areas where we have worked:
3. Full support of MS Office Excel 2010 in both the 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.
4. Availability of Oracle Crystal Ball as .NET/C# API, for your analytical integration needs.
5. Integration with Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Planning Suite.

I will have a series of posts on the first three features in the days ahead. If there are questions about the availability of the software or any other aspect, please get in touch.

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