Friday, September 30, 2011

Showing more precision in CB Predictor result window

Have you ever wondered how you can show more number of digits in the CB Predictor result window? The other day, I was checking the difference between the error measures coming out of two forecasting models, and the default view of 2 decimal places was not adequate for the investigation.

How to do it?
Unfortunately, we do not have any preference which can control this while you are viewing the result window. The only way is to increase the precision of the input dataset in Excel. Format the complete range of the data-set as numbers, with the specific number of digits you want to see after the decimal on the results window. As in Crystal Ball, in CB Predictor we maintain this formatting.

Excel 2007 ribbon showing the buttons to increase or decrease decimal

Dialog for formatting Excel cells

A Gotcha
Note the phrase "complete range" that needs to be formatted in Excel in order for this to work. If there are pre-data gaps in your series, do not ignore those empty cells while formatting.