Saturday, October 1, 2011

Presentation on introductory OR Problems in Analytics

I was recently invited by Prof. Sriram Sankaranarayanan of Computer Science in University of Colorado at Boulder for a guest lecture in his linear programming class. Sriram is my old friend from undergraduate years in IIT Kharagpur, and has a stellar academic record over there (as well as in his graduate years).

Anyways, since this was going to be an one-off presentation, I decided to touch on a few different things in the presentation. I started off with a few examples of optimization that we face in our daily life and do not often realize. Examples include route planning, some version of traveling salesman problem, revenue optimization etc. I followed these examples up with a simple example of modeling an optimization problem where the constraint needs to be figured out from given and somewhat unstructured data - an introduction to a so-called Analytics problem. After a few follow-up slides on the different type of computational problems in Analytics, I wrapped up with career options in OR/Analytics and a few online resources for optimization.

If you are interested in the presentation material, check it out.

Update (10/3/2011): Updated title.

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