Saturday, February 18, 2012

New and improved online resource portal for Crystal Ball

We have a new and improved Online Resource Portal, which is an awesome resource for all things Crystal Ball. If you are a member of our LinkedIn users group, you might have noticed this message from my colleague Hilary. Otherwise, here is an excerpt of the message:
We wanted to let everyone know about a big change/improvement we’ve made to our online Crystal Ball resources. We have a brand new Solution Factory (that’s Oracle-speak for online resource portal) that has a ton of information and resources. We’ve grouped them into collections so (we hope!) it’s easier for you to find what you’re looking for – example models, white papers, recorded demos, and all that. We’d also like to invite you to sign up to get more regular updates on Crystal Ball. There’s a big “Sign Up” button on the Solution Factory. We hope you’ll sign up; and more importantly, we hope you find the revamped Solution Factory useful.
The URL for the portal is:
If you have comments or questions about the portal, please comment to this post (or send comments to the LinkedIn post), and I will follow up. 

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