Thursday, May 24, 2012

New version of Oracle Crystal Ball (Release is out

Here is an excerpt from the official text:
Crystal Ball Users,

Crystal Ball is released! The following is a summary of what’s new in Crystal Ball

  • Grouped Assumptions in Sensitivity Charts
  • Data Filtering When Fitting Distributions
  • Parameter Edits When Fitting Distributions
  • Expanded Distribution Parameters
  • Predictor Parallelization
  • Localization into Additional Languages (Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese)

More information can be found in the online New Features Guide:

A trial version is downloadable from the Oracle Technology Network:

If you have not already done so, I also recommend visiting the Crystal Ball Solution Factory. Here you will find useful information about new releases in addition to presentations, discussions, and resources that cover different applications of Crystal Ball.

Crystal Ball Solution Factory ( Access URL/Page Token: cb4me)

We appreciate your engagement and use of Crystal Ball in your business.

I will have a series of posts on some of the features in the days ahead. If there are questions about the availability of the software or any other aspect, please get in touch.