Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A praise on C#

I am sure that there is no dearth of praises for the C# programming language, and you can say that I am a fan on the outset, but a paragraph I read today seem to summarize aspects of C# quite nicely. It was an article on testing C# (and Python) code appearing on by Gigi Sayfan. The pragraph is quoted below:
C# is a wonderful programming language. It started out as a better Java, and in each revision, it has added more and more good stuff (generics, anonymous functions, attributes, LINQ, async support) with great balance. For some reason (great language designers?), the power and richness of C# never gave me a feeling of bloat like other languages do. When you throw in the .NET framework and Visual Studio, you get a superb development and runtime environment.
The only thing the author is missing here is mentioning the Mono engine, which makes C# cross-platform as well in the same sense as java is cross-platform, and that makes it really appealing. I hope to continue coding in C# for years to come.